All Out

Every summer, we take a group of high school students to a different location to share the love of Christ. All Out is our summer mission trip for HS only. 


A.W.O.L. (A Work of Love) is our Spring Break Mission Trip  each year. Our youth ministry has a heart for the world, so we spend the break serving in different locations all over the world. This is a MS and HS trip. 


Trailblazers is a domestic mission trip. While we do not go overseas on this trip, we do take a short drive to a different location every year. This is a weekend trip for MS only.


Nervous about longer mission trips away from home? Then Outbreak is for you! 

This is a one day mission trip. Experience a taste of

mission work right here in

the DFW area!

30 hour famine

In the time it takes you to read this, NINE children will die of hunger. YOU can make a difference! Join us as we go without food this weekend so that others might eat! 30 hours. No food- Just you and your friends saving lives.